The Gorilla


Brandominus is a Creative Online Marketing Agency specialized in social media marketing and in the design and production of branded content.  In a world wearied from traditional advertising, brand messages gone stale and continuous ad interruptions within in the consumer’s favorite content, there is only one natural and direct way to his heart and mind: Inbound Marketing.

Inbound Marketing’s basics are design, planning, production and the spreading of experiences, events and branded content so creative and surprising as coherent with the brand’s differentiation.  Its ultimate goal is to conceive perfect experiences for the consumer getting him to look for them, get actively involved and enjoying them.

Branding tied to contents and tied to emotions.  Thanks to Social Media today it is possible to bring the brand right to the consumer in an intimate and very personal way, safe from annoying ad interruptions, and very close to what the consumer says, does and thinks.

The bidirectionality of social media hands the brand much more than just a communication channel: it provides a medium to learn and continuously innovate from constant client interaction. It is within the personal networks where we find the Holy Grail of advertisement: Word of mouth or WOM.  Its legendary super powers are now exponentially multiplied thanks to digital social networks, blogs and the whole online universe.  Each user is a tiny broadcasting unit eager to share information and content within his circles of influence.  In order to detect clusters of strategic influence and attract their attention, it is a priority to achieve the goals contained within an Online Marketing Strategy.

No matter how big and active a community may be, in the world of social media it is essential to foster relationships with appropriate allies so that your content does not end up lost in the net’s vastness.

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This is what we think.  This is what we do.  This is who we are.

Your brand can be a Gorilla, the most dominant primate and the best-positioned ape in his digital jungle.  The Gorilla represents all what of your brands needs to be: the Brand-Dominus.


Brandominus Team Member

These are the gorillas behind the strategies and contents that make our Creative Online Marketing possible.

“If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative.”
-David Ogilvy

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